The music mentor program 
with impact!

Our music Mentor Programs are designed to give every human being the chance to experience the magic of making music in a studio atmosphere. Being part of the music world to create sound and vision to enhance our brains.
Music also affects how a person thinks and thus it is used to bring out positive thinking. This action helps to keep stress, anxiety and depression at bay. Aside from that, it also helps to keep optimism and creativity levels high.

The Program

Every program is built around the clients. Dan will meet and Greet each participant and suggest the best program. This may consist of writing a song and recording it, to getting hands on experience in the studios. There may be external sessions at venues where production is being set up and sound checked. (Please note they must be accompanied by a Support worker on these excursions). Just hanging out and jamming or talking music in the studio environment is also immensely popular. Expression sessions are where clients are encouraged to let out the inner Rockstar we all feel seem to work very well. Parents that just may need a break from home life and let off steam are popular.


All ages welcome. Children under the age of 16, must always be accompanied by a guardian.
Service providers are welcome to inquire about our programs.

We run 2 air-conditioned studios. 
Fully equipped with instruments.

Emerald Studio

Emerald studio is designed for all facets of the program. Fully sound proofed and Air-conditioned. This facility has seen some world-renowned artists record there. Equipped with the latest technology and instruments, clients get the best on offer.
15 Emerald Street, Clontarf QLD 4019

King Studio

King Studio is set up for Disability Clients. We have Chair access and plenty of room to move around. Fully Airconditioned and a full set up of instruments. This functioning and respected studio is booked out most nights and weekends with local artists and producers.
100 King Street, Woody Point QLD 4019
sessions available
Can't make it to a studio? We can do private sessions over Zoom upon request.
Tuesday - Thursday
7am – 7pm

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday
7am – 6pm
7am – 2pm
Fees are Negotiable and based on Program.

We have 2 hour and 3 hour sessions. 

Zoom sessions available upon request.


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